RCA DRC6300N Progressive-Scan DVD/VCR Combo

6 used available from $52.10.

Broaden your entertainment system's range of compatible media formats while saving space and simplifying hookups with RCA's DRC6300N combination DVD player and VCR. Progressive scanning gives you top-of-the-line DVD quality with a high-definition or HD-ready TV, while the player's Digital PhotoView feature lets you enjoy a custom slide show of digital photos when using a JPEG-encoded CD-R or CD-RW...

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Apple iSight - Web camera - color - audio - FireWire

List price: $270.00

8 new & used available from $199.99.

iSight also includes a dual-element microphone in its stylish compact aluminum body Three stands and a tilt-and-swivel mechanism allow iSight to capture video at the best possible angle...

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Apple iPod Classic 20GB White (4th Generation)

1 used available from $64.97.

A combination of awesome portability and storage the iPod allows users to carry their entire music collection in a thinner form factor with extended battery life. Seemless integration with iTunes, Auto-synching your library, and the iTunes Music Store makes it a breeze to manage your music. The innovative new Click Wheel makes it even easier to access the perfect song, playlist or album no matter ...

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Sony RDR-GX7 DVD Recorder

22 used & refurbished available from $129.99.

The Sony DVD Recorder lets you do everything from recording shows and inserting "chapter" markers to archiving your precious family videos. As easy to use as a standard VCR, it records to DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW—the latest component available on DVD players. It plays as great as it records and is compatible with DVD-video, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, CDs and audio CD-R and CD-RW. Movies can b...

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Ultimate Support TSM-138MK - Mounting Bracket for Mounting Speaker Cabinets on Speaker Stands - 1-3/8"

List price: $24.99

6 new available from $24.99.

What do you do if you have a speaker cabinet that does not have a built-in speaker mount socket, but you'd like to use it on top of a tripod speaker stand? Simply install a TSM-138MK to the bottom of the speaker cabinet, and you're set! The TSM-138MK is an internal, metal mounting bracket for speaker cabinets that do not have built-in speaker mount sockets. It mounts on the bottom of a speaker cab...

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Sony WM-FS233 S2 Sports Radio Cassette Walkman

List price: $59.99

7 new, used & refurbished available from $253.96.

The Sony WM-FS233 S2 Sports Radio/Cassette Walkman(R) Player is perfect for enjoying a workout while hearing your favorite radio broadcasts. It features 40 station presets, so you can tune to your favorite AM, FM or TV broadcast by pushing a button. It also picks up weather bands. Digital AM/FM Stereo tuner 40 station presets - 7 TV, 4 WB, 24 FM, 5 AM Mega Bass Sound Up to 25 hours b...

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Philips HDRW720 DVD Recorder with 120 GB Hard Drive

1 used available from $350.00.

Philips DVD Recorder w/120GG Hard Disc, up to 192 hours recording, On Screen Elec. Guide, I-Link,...

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Sony RDR-HX900 DVD Recorder with 160 GB Hard Disk Recorder

1 used available from $340.00.

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NEC LCD Projector Lamp GT5000

List price: $113.11

6 new & used available from $109.96.

NEC aims to provide optimal solutions to its customers. Innovation is the key to its ongoing success. After all, the company has been at the cutting edge of research and development in its field for over a century.NEC is committed to serving the ......

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Acoustic Research Pro Coax Audio Cable - 12ft (3.7M)

1 new available from $37.79.

Use this cable to enjoy the best digital audio has to offer, hook up your: DVD, HDTV, cable/satellite Box, personal computer, or any other audio device that uses a digital coax audio port. The Acoustic Research Pro Series includes many of AR's patented technical innovations for significant performance improvements over lesser brands. Some of them include: Gold-plated, corrosion-resistant, precisio...

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